List: 48TH OVERSEAS OFFRS -Assignments upon departure for Sicily – 1943

Typed list dated 22 November 1943 of assignment of 48th Highlanders Officers when the 1st Battalion departed England for Sicily in May 1943. Assignments are to the 1st Battalion for Sicily and those left in England and assigned to other locations or units, held as reinforcement officers (LOB), transfers and returned to Canada.

List: 48th Officers in England as of 12 Jun 42

Handwritten list of 48th Highlanders officers and their assignments as of 12 June 1942: Officers in the 1st Battalion and Other officers in UK. Notepaper has 48th Highlander buckle badge crest in top centre of pages.

List: 2nd Bn 48 Highrs NRMA Recruit List 6 March 1942

Typed Nominal Roll of NRMA Recruits dated 6 March 1942 who are part of the 2nd Battalion, 48th Highlanders. The list, on plain paper headed by 2nd Battalion, 48th Highlanders, University Avenue Armouries, has typed names with service numbers. There are handwritten notes beside many names indicating their subsequent deployment or assignment including: RCAF, Recalled, […]

Casualty Book 48th Regiment Highlanders – 1892 – 1950s

Although called a Casualty Book, this book lists in order, alphabetically,  soldiers who enlisted in the 48th Highlanders from 1892 to 1950s and  when they were discharged. The book is indexed alphabetically by the last name of the recruits to the regiment. The sheets of paper have the following categories for each soldier: the service […]

Regimental Stores records of dealings with suppliers

Receipts and purchase records  1960’s Eight file folders containing purchase orders and letters of discussion with suppliers for regimental uniform badges, swords and associated items. One Black ledger book