WW1 Prisoner of War Mail Envelope – RSM L. E. DeHarte, Oct 15, 1915

Yellow-brown rectangular paper envelope, with a layer of green tissue paper partly glued to the inside of the envelope, and is torn and cut open on the left side of the envelope, with writing in pencil on both sides of the envelope, on the front across the top is written: “Kriegsgefangenensendung”, meaning prisoner of war […]

Box of Items – Marked F1 – mostly WW2

6 Dutch Plaques (Wood) 2 Dutch Titles Framed 2 Dutch Titles No Frames 1 Pair of Clogs 1 Glass Wall Shield 2 Crest Copies Laminated 1 Arm Band Dutch Resistance 1 Plaque Liberation of Apeldoorn 1 Plaque Penny Coin 1 Plaque Compass and case and Telescope Plaster Regimental Crest Life Membership Card RE Spence White […]

Box 2021800541 of Artifacts of Col. John C D d’Esterre

Donation of Artifacts of Col. J C D d’Esterre. Donated by Ian McAskill, grandson WW1 photo post cards framed CEF signal about war ending 7 trench maps 1 porcelain plate from RMS Olympic troop ship menus from St Andrews dinner Platoon record book of 48th Highlanders personnel Canvas pack with 3 belts of webbing hardcover […]