St. Andrew’s Cadet Corps 100th Anniversary Pin

Circular design, a cadet in full dress uniform with St. Andrew’s Cross superimposed. On one side are maple leafs and the other thistles.  Markings: on front “#142 ST.ANDREW’S COLLEGE HIGHLAND CADET CORPS” “DILEAS GU BRATH” “1995-2005”;  on back “AT”

Vimy Pilgrimage Medal

Canadian Legion Vimy Pilgramage 1936. Ribbon stripped with blue, yellow, blue. Vimy memorial sumounted a cross under a bed of poppies.

General Services Pin, Major J.E. Wright

markings: 263339 Forbidden – 500 dollars or six months imprisonment; General Services pin – white metal with red and blue. This pin was given to those who had or were serving to be worn on civilian dress signifying that the person had served during the war.