Sgt. Edward Hector McLay – Letter and Envelope To Friend in USA

Letter hand written by Sgt. McLay with pencil on green paper, likely written in 1915 from date on a Field Office Post stamp on the envelope. Envelope is small rectangle with brown stained edges and has hand written on front centre the receiver’s address reading from top to bottom: “2 Billingham St, (?) , Somerville” […]

In The Trenches – LCol. J.A. Currie Letter Drafts

Photocopies of pages of a diary written by LCol. J.A. Currie, contents of which are a number of drafts of letters and list of soldiers with marking of their status, all from after the 2nd Battle of Ypres, kept inside a manila file folder. On the top of multiple letter drafts, he writes as a […]