Pte. Mitchell Oke – ID Tags

ID Tags of Wishe (Mitchell) Oke, 1090464 Two tags on brown ribbon. One hexagonal and one round tag. Pte M Oke 1090464 on front, CAN BATT 15 on reverse Pte Mitchell Oke , Wishe Khahientahaha, was a Mohawk of Handenosaunee Turtle Clan in Cornwall Ontario and lived on the Akwesasne Mohawk Native Reservation.  He enlisted […]

Flask for Rum rations – WWII

A 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch iron flask used as an individual container for emergency rum rations issued to all 48th personnel prior to their embarkation to France in June 1940. Presented by CSM Clem Burdis.

German Straight Razor

A standard German issue 7 inch by 1 inch straight razor, engraved with ERN and Wald / Solingen on the blade. This razor could have been an item collected from a German soldier, or purchased pre-war and carried by a Canadian soldier.

Escape Kit – Issued for landings at Pachino, Sicily

An escape kit consisting of a small “button” compass, a file enclosed in rubber, maps printed on silk to be worn as a scarf or secreted inside the uniform and a small sum of Italian Lire and French Francs. This kit was issued to certain select personnel on board the HMS Derbyshire en route to […]

4 pack of Alertness Drugs

A 2.5 inch by 4 inch blister pack of 4 Alertness tablets, issued to Canadian soldiers in WWII. The “Line” drugs are believed to be manufactured by Smith, Kline, and French in the UK. As a performance war in reaction to the German drug enhancement program of World War II. As early as 1919, Akira […]

Infantry Roll Book

A 3.25 inch by 5 inch brown canvas bound notebook. In this note book the owner kept track of how many rounds were issued to each soldier. Most likely this person was the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant or Section commander.

Issued Shave Kit

A 2 inch by 4.5 inch shave kit standard issue manufactured by Procter & Gamble under the Gillette brand. This kit belonged to A22587 CSM J.A. Johnston and he wrote his name and  service number on the inside. The kit contains a razor with the handle removed for storage and a pack of razors.

Safe Conduct Certificate for Allied Soldiers

A 5.5 inch by 9 inch paper stating that the soldier carrying this document wishes to surrender and will comply with a safe conduct behaviour. These certificates were given to Canadian soldiers beginning with the Sicilian campaign and would be carried by the soldier in his uniform. The certificate was English on one side and […]

Service Writing Kit – by Chas. Hardy Sales – WW2

Writing kit in light cardboard cover. Inside is a writing pad of paper with cover, and a pocket flap in the front cover interior holding envelopes. Kits such as this of various designs were created for soldiers to use to write home by groups such as Chas. Hardy sales, the Salvation Army and others.