Cap Badge – Official design 2002

The buckle badge, approved in 1991, returning the badge design components to the badge used from 1891 to 1939, was documented as Official by DND in 2002. The re-approved badge contained a Scottish buckle as did the original. DND, in the mid 1930s, declared that the buckle was a garter of the Order of the […]

48 Highlanders “H” Company at Queens Own Rifles “H” Coy Mess Dinner 1895

A digital photograph of “H” Company of the 48th Highlanders of Canada enjoying the annual mess dinner with H Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles. It appears that the gentleman in the front row, second from the left, is Sergeant Major Alfred G. Robertson. That would explain the 48th Highlanders at a Queen’s Own Rifles […]

Captain Ronald Alkema at Simbakoro, Sierra Leone

Colour photo on 06 February 2007 at Simakoro, Sierra Leone at FPB Njagbwema Fama. Left to right in photo: Major Murphy Pryce, Lcol Mansaray (CO 9 Bn), WO1 Stephen Peters (RSM 9 Bn) and Captain Alkema.