Compass carried by LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Compass in metal carried by LCol W.R. Marshall, DSO,  Commanding Officer 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders). LCol Marshall was killed in action by a sniper while traversing the forward trenches on 19 May 1916 at Ypres. The compass was engraved and given to Major George Hendrie by Mrs. Marshall. In the inside of the lid the […]

Memorial Plaque – LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Memorial Plaque sent to the wife of LCol W. R. Marshall, killed in action at Ypres on 19 May 1916 by sniper fire. The Memorial plaque is sent to the widow, mother or designated next of kin for those killed in action. Accompanying the plaque would have been a Silver Cross engraved with his name […]

Framed photo – LCol Armour A. Miller

Black and white studio, head and shoulders photograph of LCol Armour A. Miller in gold painted frame with 134th Battalion cap badge at top-centre of frame. LCol Miller is wearing khaki tunic with Sam Browne and glengarry. Note that the photo is surrounded by a black border, denoting that he was Killed-in-Action. Lieutenant A.A. Miller […]

Scroll accompanying Distinguished Service Order of LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Scroll on parchment paper with black ink lettering, accompanying and affirming the awarding of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) to Lt Col. William Renwick Marshall. Scroll is signed by by The Principle Secretary of State and dated the 3rd of June 1915. Scroll framed in wood frame with glass cover. For his actions and valour […]

Medals of LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Medals and photograph of LCol William Renwick Marshall, displayed on a scarlet background with a dark wood frame and glass cover. Brass plaque at bottom of frame. Medals clockwise from the top: a) Distinguished Service Order, b) 1914 – 1919 Star,  c) Colonial Auxiliary Forces Medal (Edward VIII), d) British War Medal,  e) Queen’s South […]