Research collection access policy

Preamble The purpose of this policy is to further illuminate the manner in which members of the Museum, the Regiment, former members, their family and the general public will be allowed access to the research collection of the 48th Highlanders Museum.  Access to other collections is covered under the collections management policy 4.0. Research Collection […]

Research collection

Statement of Purpose The Research Collection of the 48th Highlanders Museum was created under the Collections Management Policy to fulfil the objectives of the museum Mission Policy.  In particular: To house and conserve the records of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. To provide a research facility to further communicate the history of the Regiment. To provide […]

Collection access

The museum will give researchers with legitimate goals access to the exhibit collection.  For access to the Research Collection see Policy section 4.3.0.  The collection management committee or the curator will establish the qualifications and legitimate goals of the researcher.  Access may be limited to the objects to specified methods of examination and to certain […]

What can be seen by the public

Items (and soldiers) can be marked as “Private”. To do this either: Use ‘Quick Edit,’ click the ‘Private’ check box then click ‘Update’ or Open the ‘Edit item’ screen and, in the ‘Publish’ meta box on the right side of the screen, click ‘Edit’ beside ‘Visibility’ and click the “Private’ radio button. Then be sure […]