Welcome Home Toronto medallion of Sgt Lorsch

Welcome Home South Africa, Sgt Lorsch F.D.

Medal: depicts a returning soldier embracing a woman surrounded by a crown; top: piece “Toronto Welcomes Her Sons” scrolled maple leaf and crossed rifles; back: sword and ? “Welcome Home” Canada’s brave boys South Africa 1900. Medals hangs from 2 chains from a bar with a brooch. This is not an official government medal but a medallion given by the City of Toronto to returning soldiers. Sgt Lorsch, a 48th Highlander, had volunteered to serve in South Africa and was assigned to the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry (RCRI).

Beside the medal is the ribbon for the Queen’s South African medal. The “ribband” is worn on the uniform permanently, only replaced by the complete medal for formal parades.

Associated place
Associated event
South Africa – RCR
Associated name(s)
Lorsch F.D. Sgt
1891 – 1913 Early years
Location of artifact
Case 11/12 SA
Other, Memorabilia

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