Claymore – LCol Trumbull Warren, OBE, ED

Scottish Claymore sword with decorated blade
Basket hilt decorated with red tassel.  Steel scabbard. Blade is engraved on both sides typical of a Scottish Highland tradition. On one side GR VI below a crown and on the other also below a crown the Royal cypher and the phrase Honi Soit qui Mal E Pense.

This sword is more correctly called a Scottish infantry basket hilted broad sword. The word Claymore, although meaning a double-handed sword usually worn down the centre of the back, has been used by the Officers in most Highland regiments around the world to describe this sword worn from the hip.

LCol Warren was Personal Assistant to Field Marshal Montgomery from January 1944 to the end of the war. Personal Assistant was the senior position on Montgomery’s staff. Warren had previously been an Aide to Montgomery. Warren was a 48th Highlander from 1934 and went overseas with the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders, in 1939.

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