Toast and Menu inside Memorial Dinner Committee on reverse.

48th OCA Memorial Dinner – 1954 Nov 6

– Program

O.C.A. Memorial Dinner

48th Highlanders of Canada

November 6th, 1954

7.30 p.m.


Some signatures are on the front cover “Transport Reunion”

Pop Fraser, Bill Langford, Bob Perrycooke, Bob Harding Cpl 3471, Hugo Goldburg W43-5283, Marry Shepperd, John ? CH4-20v8, Bruce MacDonald, OX 00635, Wall MU 5475, Fontaine



Associated place
Associated event
Dinner / 48th OCA
Associated name(s)
J. Shepard
Frank Jamieson
L.L. Querie
S. Gledhill
Wally Moore
R. Allison
G. Heritage
W. Ross
S. Leake
C. McLean
1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
Location of artifact
Case 49 Storage
Programs and menus, Event related
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