Pte Perks, George Henry

He was originally in the 17th Bn and was moved to the 15th Bn after the Bn had departed for France in 1915. He was only with the 15th for a couple of months max and was medically returned to the UK in early April before 2nd Ypres; never returned and medically discharged as unfit […]

Webley & Scott No.1 Mk I Flare Pistol

Based on the Mk VI Webley Revolver, this is the Signal Pistol utilizing 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) flares. It launches this from a massive 10 inch (25.4 cm) heavy-walled barrel, making the flare gun quite front heavy, but very impressive looking.

Barb Wire Cork Screw

The 36-inch (99.14 cm) screw pickets, used as supports for barbed wire defences, were introduced c. 1915 as a replacement for timber posts. Crown Iron Works Co. (Minneapolis, MN) made over 10 million of these screw post pickets for WW1, WW2 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The French name for this type of “steel stake” […]

Dear Old Pal of Mine Sheet Music

An 8.5 inch (21.59 cm) by 11 inch (27.94 cm) copy of Dear Old Pal of Mine sheet music, which is a World War I song written by Harold Robe and Gitz Rice. The song was first published in 1916 by G. Ricordi & New York, NY. Irish tenor John McCormack earned the nickname the […]

134th Battalion Tunic

The 134th (48th Highlanders) Battalion, CEF was a unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Great War. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the 48th Highlanders began recruiting a third battalion, the 134th Battalion, in late 1915 in that city. The battalion was designated to be a combat battalion for a 5th Canadian Division which was […]