48th Highlanders at HM Funeral, 2022- Wellington Barracks

Left to right: Cpl Scarlino of Pipes and Drums; RSM (CWO) C Reesor, CD; 2Lt Outram-Kuzma; MCpl Robertson, in full Scarlet uniform with Wellington Barracks in the background. Five 48th Highlanders represented the 48th Highlanders of Canada at the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, those in the photo and the Commanding […]

Cap Badge – Official design 2002

The buckle badge, approved in 1991, returning the badge design components to the badge used from 1891 to 1939, was documented as Official by DND in 2002. The re-approved badge contained a Scottish buckle as did the original. DND, in the mid 1930s, declared that the buckle was a garter of the Order of the […]

Pipe Banner – HCol Robert Gibson Darling

Heraldry: Motto: Dei Donum Translation: (Latin) The Free Gift of God Reverse: On a wreath of vert and argent, a dexter hand holding a heart, all proper, encircled in a belt and buckle or of the second, on a field of sable. Initials R G D Obverse: 48th Highlanders, Buckle Badge, proper, on a field […]

Webley & Scott No.2 Mk.I Flare Pistol 1918 for WW1 Armored Vehicles

The Webley & Scott No.2 Mark I flare guns, often modified just prior to WW2. These were designed for use on light armoured vehicles and slide into a housing. Original date of 1918 on the left side of the barrel. The bore of the flare is 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) with a 2.75 inch (6.99 […]

Leuchtpistole M/1894

The use of purpose built handguns to fire light- and signaling pyrotechnics didn’t really catch on until the Russian-Japanese war in 1904-05, and it became a standard “tool of the trade” during the Great War. In the early days the use of the flare gun was limited to shooting flares to illuminate the battlefield at nighttime. […]

Barb Wire Cork Screw

The 36-inch (99.14 cm) screw pickets, used as supports for barbed wire defences, were introduced c. 1915 as a replacement for timber posts. Crown Iron Works Co. (Minneapolis, MN) made over 10 million of these screw post pickets for WW1, WW2 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The French name for this type of “steel stake” […]

Portrait Painting- Brig. W. W. Southam, DSO, ED

This portrait of Brigadier William Wallace Southam, DSO, ED was donated to the 48th Highlanders in 2003 and hangs in the Officers’ Mess, Moss Park Armoury.  Brigadier Southam was Commanding Officer of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, 1st Battalion from August 1940 to January 1942. After graduating from Royal Military College in 1922, Southam joined […]

Ypres Battle Map 1915

A 15 inch by 11.5 inch wooden framed battle map showing the position of the 1st Canadian Division in the front of Ypres on April 22, 1915. The 15th Bn was one of the forward Bns. of 3rd Canadian Brigade when the Germans unleashed in the late afternoon their first gas attack. The Bn. had […]

Trench Periscope

A 3.25 inch (8.26 cm) deep by 4.5 inch (11.43 cm)wide by 13 inch (33.02 cm) high grey wooden box with a 45 degree mirror at either end with a 3 inch (7.62 cm) by 4 inch (10.16 cm) viewing slot on each end. Early trench periscopes were made by installing two mirrors at 45-degree angles […]