Oil Painting – Beaver on Pond

A framed oil painting of a beaver at  a pond in the autumn with maple leaves. Artist : E. M. Makepeace 2014 The painting is 23″ x 19″ in a gold frame 27 1/2 ” x 23 1/2 ” and bears a brass plate with inscription: “Presented to Col. John B. Newman by Father William […]

Standards of 48th Highlanders Chapter IODE

Two Standards of the Union Jack held in a wooden mount. A framed charter crest of the 48th Chapter IODE is centered at eye level between the two Standards.  The standards of the 48th Highlanders Chapter IODE were laid up in the Regimental Museum by Vi Fletcher, standard-bearer, assisted by Mrs. Marjorie Harding on 3 […]

Pipe Band 1st Bn. 48th Highlanders – 1939

A 6 inch by 9 inch black and white photograph framed in wood with a white matte. The photo was taken at an unknown location in Toronto of the 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums band.