2 Glengarry headddress – Colonel d’Esterre

Two well worn glengarry headdress with 48th Highlander badges. Glengarry with blue/white/red trim is 48th Highlanders pattern and has a 48th Highlander collar badge worn by the 15th Battalion [sb a cap badge]. Glengarry with white/red trim is other Highland regiment and has 48th Highlander buckle badge on it..

Buttons, ensignia, badges from Col. d’Esterre

Bag  from collection of Col. JCD d’Esterre containing: 1) seven brass buttons – 48th Highlanders 2)wrist band name tag “Lt. J C D d’Esterre, 15th Canadians, C of E” 3) four 48th  Highlanders brass shoulder bars 4) one colour badge (buckle) brass

Leather Note book with platoon member names and data – d’Esterre

Small black leather notebook.  Handwritten information about each 48th Highlander soldier in the platoons under d’Esterre names: John Gordon – Saskatchewan W.B. Bell – Weston Sgt. A. Conley (Lewis gun) – Winnipeg Cpl.  W. Flagg (Lewis gun) – New Brunswick Pte G Olgilvie (Lewis gun) – St. Mary’s Ont Pte. G. Willis (Lewis gun) – […]

Trench and Area Maps – Col. JCD d’Esterre – 1917

Seven folded maps on linen – fibre paper.  Each is 32″ x 23″. Field  survey map of trenches around Dourges France on Sept 26, 1918 Field survey map around Lens France with trench markings Field survey map of Valenciennes France Large scale field survey map of Lens France Topographical map of Abbeville France 1915 Ordnance […]