The Queen’s York Rangers by Stewart Bull

The Queen’s York Rangers: An Historic Regiment by Stewart Bull. This book gives an account of the historic regiment of the Queen’s York Rangers, which origins start from Roger’s Rangers and the Queen’s Rangers during the Revolutionary War to the 1980s.

Lt. Col. John Irvine Davidson, Commanding Officer, 1891 to 1898

Lt. Col. John Irvine Davidson in full dress uniform. The personal uniform of Davidson shown in this image is on display in the 48th Highlanders Museum. Lieutenant-Colonel John Irvine Davidson was gazetted (provisionally) the first Commanding Officer on 20 November 1891 and formally confirmed 25 March 1892. In the military he began as a private […]

Pte. Albert Thomas Henry, wounded by mine, Littlehampton England – Feb 1942

Pte Albert Thomas Henry in battledress jacket and balmoral. Jacket has two ribbons of Henry’s service. Henry was injured in England while training and entering a minefield. Near Windmill, outside Littlehampton, No. 8 Platoon was conducting a Battle Drill exercise with the rest of Able Company. They entered a minefield, poorly marked, by climbing through […]

Certificate of Qualification to Lt. G. C. Hendrie

Certificate with letters in original mailing envelope: a) Certificate of Qualification No. 68530 to Lieutenant 13″ x 8 1/4″ dated May 4 1928b) covering letter from Adjt, 48th Highlanders to Hendrie enclosing certificate c) carbon copy of letter from Hendrie to Adjt acknowledging receipt of certificate d)mailing envelope

Pay Book, 1045972 Pte Andrew Fraser, 15th Bn

Dark khaki fabric covered Pay Book. 23 pages and cover with closing flap on left margin. Pages 20/21, Military Will, removed with hand written note on page 22 “Will has been completd in Canada and forwarded to Ottawa”. Pages are well filled out with details of pay, courses. Inoculation. Cualifications are liste and dated on […]

92nd or 134th Bn parade in Toronto

Parade in Toronto by 92nd or 134th Bn. On city street, Carrying rifles shouldered, kilt and kilt apron. Postcard photo. Rear copy ” Postcard, geo. Thompson, Photographer, 177 1/2 Yonge St. Toronto