Oil Portrait – LCol George T. Chisholm, VD

Oil painting – head and shoulders portrait of LCol Chisholm wearing khaki tunic, Sam Browne and Glengarry. Frame in wood, silver painted with gold trim. Plaque on bottom of frame reads: Lieutenant Colonel George T. Chisholm, VD – 48th Highlanders – World War I Service with 48th Highlanders: Commanding Officer 92nd Battalion (48th Highlanders) 1916 […]

LT. Col. George T. Chisholm VD medals

5 medals: a) British War Medal b) Victory Medal c) King George VI Coronation Medal 1937 d) Colonial Long Service and Good Conduct Medal e) Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers’ Decoration, Victoria Medals are mounted in a shadow box case with glass lid. Plate with “Lieutenant-Colonel George T. Chisholm VD  48th Highlanders  World War I” on […]