Dirk of Capt. and LCol Trumbull Warren – father and son

Dirk belonging to Captain Trumbull Warren and passed on to his son, LCol Trumbull Warren. The dirk, a Scottish knife, with a small fork and small knife inserted on the scabbard,  was part of a Highland officer’s dress uniform, and worn hanging from the waist belt on the right side. The dirk has a black […]

Lt Maurice E. (Mike) Malone, MC Medals

Letter from Buckingham Palace accompanying the Memorial Plaque ; Memorial Plaque; 3 Medals a) 1914-15 Star b) British War Medal c) Victory Medal Lt. Malone was killed in action on 03 June 1916.

Pte J. J. Eva – Memorial Plaque and Condolence Letter

a) Frame containing b) a condolence letter from King George V c) a Memorial Plaque [known as a dead man’s penny] with the name “John James Eva” d) mounted on the outside – British War Medal engraved . (The BWM is now displayed separately.)