48th Highlanders Deployed Overseas 1947 – 2014

Framed print – bearing the names of 48th Highlanders deployed overseas from 1947 – 2014. List of Volunteers for: Germany – 27 Canadian Infantry Brigade , 1st Canadian Highland Battalion,  182 names for service between 1951 and 1955 Indo-China- 2 names Cyprus – 8 names Middle East – 6 names Namibia – 2 names Somalia […]

Uniform Patches – Afghanistan

Uniform patches worn in Afghanistan theatre Top Row 1. CFC (Combined Forces Command) later CSTC-A (Combined Transition Command – Afghanistan);  2. 1/205 Brigade, 1-10 OMLT; 3. ANCOP (Afghan National Civil Order Police); Second Row 4. Canadian National Identifier – arrid CADPAT pattern; 5. Canadian National Identifier – Arrid CADPAT pattern; 6. Name patch – Arrid […]

Afghanistan – Full Fighting Order – BGen G Young OMM, MSM, CD – 2006

a. Arrid Helmet cover with US UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) Velcro rank identifier patch – Brigadier General , b. helmet, c. arrid canteen cover, d. name patch, e. Arrid shirt, f. Arrid vest with all pouches. g. arrid pants, h. tan combat boots, i. Arrid slip on rank, Brigadier General, j. sunglasses, k, Afghan pattern scarf, […]

Afghanistan Combat Uniform – Sgt. Ian Kinkaid

Worn during rotation in Afghanistan. a. Arrid Combat shirt with OMLT patches, b. arrid combat pants, c. Tan combat boots, d. Tan combat shirt, e. OTW (outside the wire) shirt with patches, f. Frag  vest cover, g. tan gloves, h. tan cloth hat, i. olive drab flashlight, Bright Star MX – 212/U Note name and […]