Wilp Memorial Ceremony – 26 April 1945 – 5 photos

5 photos of the last Memorial Service of the war for the 48th Highlanders. In this Regimental Cemetery on the banks of the dyke protecting the village of Wilp were buried LCol Donald Mackenzie Mackenzie, DSO, Captain Harold McCutcheon, Lt. John Williams and 16 NCOs and men, killed in in the final days of fighting […]

Citation accompanying the DSC awarded to LCol D. A. Mackenzie, DSO

Citation in grey paper with white inserts and blue seal of the War Department. The certificate accompanied the Distinguished Service Cross awarded posthumously to LCol. D. A. Mackenzie, DSO, for his heroic actions on 12 April 1945 during Operation Cannonshot, the crossing of the Ijssel River and advance towards Apeldoorn in The Netherlands. The award […]

LCol Donald A. Mackenzie DSO, (USA-DSC) – Medals

Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada, 1944-1945. Killed in action at Wilp, The Netherlands, 12 April 1945. 8 Medals a) Distinguished Service Order b) The 1939-1945 Star c) The Italy Star d) The France & Germany Star e) Defence Medal f) Canadian Volunteer Service medal with Clasp g) The 1939-1945 War Medal h) […]

Silver Picture Frame with photo of LCol D. A. Mackenzie

Silver picture frame, rectangular with oval cutout center. The frame holds a closeup of a larger photo of LCol Mackenzie giving a salute. The photo was taken at the gravesite of 48th Highlanders killed in action in December 44 and early 1945 at the Lamone River in northern Italy. At the bottom of the frame […]

Silver cigarette box – gift to Capt. Donald Mackenzie

Silver cigarette box, gift to Captain Donald Mackenzie upon his marriage to Louise Oxley at St. George’s Church in late February 1940. Silver rectangular prism – box with hinged lid; inscription on lid – “Donald Mackenzie on the occasion of his marriage from Trumbull Warren”; lined in wood , two compartments. Subsequently, Captain Mackenzie was […]