Pte Charles Wilkinson letter

A 4.5 inch (11.43 cm) by 7 inch (17.78 cm) letter from Pte Charles Wilkinson, #273, 2nd Can,. Mt. Rifles dated May 7 1902 in Elandsfontein, South Africa to Capt. Charles Catto, E Co. 48th Highlanders. Wilkinson wrote from XX Hospital to his former company commander.

Pte George S. Roe, #646, F Squadron 2nd C.M.R.

1. Letter from #646 Pte George S. Roe, “f” Squadon, 2nd C.M. R. dated 21 June 1902 in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Letter to Chas. E. Catto, Esq. 2. Envelope with original One Penny stamp and postmark

Lt Bruce Carruthers

A 7.75 inch by 12 inch black and white photograph of Lt. Bruce Carruthers. Born in Kingston, Ontario, Bruce Carruthers graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (College Number 82) in 1883. Upon graduation from RMC he served in the British Army’s 21st Hussars for four years before returning to Canada. He then served […]

The Globe front page 1900

A 12 inch by 17 inch section of the Feb 27th 1900 Globe featuring the “Capture of Boer leader Gen. P.A. Cronje” On the back are many articles from the same paper relating to the Boer War. Born in the Cape Colony but raised in the South African Republic, Cronjé had a distinctive appearance, being […]

Canadian Scout, casually holds rifle

A 16.5 inch (41.91 cm) by 9.75 inch (24.77 cm) photograph of The Wounded following Paardeberg Members of the Royal Canadian Regiment and Gordon Highlanders.

Canadian Army, South Africa

A 7 inch (17.78 cm) by 8.5 inch (21.59 cm) of the 1st Canadian Contingent 2nd (Special Service) Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry On the 13 October 1899 only a few days after the war in South Africa had begun the Militia Department began to organise a Canadian Contingent. Recruiting depots opened across the […]

Picture of Soldier in Marching Order South Africa – Private Aleck Sinclair

Aleck Sinclair

Pte Aleck Sinclair in full Marching Order. Aleck Sinclair, born 27 July 1892 served in 3 wars – South Africa, WWI and WWII.  His service was: 48th Highlanders 1899 – 1914; South Africa with RCRI 1899 – 1900; 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) 1914 – 1916 – wounded at Sanctuary Woods, 3 June 1916; WWII -Officer […]

48th Members South Africa

A 6 inch by 8 inch black and white portrait of 48th Highlanders in South Africa on Jan 1, 1900. Members 48th Highlanders Canada, in Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry South Africa 1899 -1900 Boer War, the winners of a tent pitching competition among the Imperial and Colonial Troops on New Years Day 1900 in […]

Mounted Officer South Africa 1899

A 5 inch by 7 inch sepia portrait of a horse mounted officer (possibly Lt Carruthers) in South Africa 1899. The horses in the South African war were among the last to engage in war the way it had been fought for more than 2,000 years. The role of the military horse was changing and […]