Mess Tin Holder – 1890s

Holder for mess tin and cup  in white canvas tarred black with a white strap; next to it is a canteen on a strap hanging from the shoulder of the Full Dress Musketry Order 1893 uniform.

Pioneer Sword

pioneer sword with brass hilt; blade has teeth on upper side; There is a black leather scabbard and a a white leather frog

Sgt. Tunic – Undress, Drill Order, 1894

Sgt’s Undress, Drill Order (also called white shell) tunic; 10 brass buttons – Gaunt ( Montreal); Sgt’s Red Sash; White leather waist belt – with frog for bayonet;  buckle reads “Dieu Et Mon Droit” – Crown with Lion superimposed; 1894 pattern tunic. Beyond the 3 stripe chevron of his rank on his sleeve Sergeants also […]

Pte. Full Dress – Musketry Order 1893

6 large buttons – Brent & Parker (Birmingham); 14 small buttons – as above; white leather belt with Frog W.D. and ball bag; belt buckle – brown; haversack 48 H – 17S; canteen. The haversack is also referred to as a bread bag, usually made of undyed canvas and used to hold a soldier’s food […]