The Story of the Elgin Regt.

The Elgins: The Story of the Elgin Regt. (RCAC) and Its Predecessors by Leonard A. Curchin and Brian D. Sim. This book provides an overview of the Eglin Regiment (RCAC), which the regiment started in 1866, though it had historic connections from colonial times. The book provides details of the regiment’s service in several conflicts […]

Blue Putties, pair

Two long strips of blue wool serge one end is folded over and sewn. There is also a brass tag to show left and right of the set. The other end is folded like an arrow point and sewn to a long ribbon on the bottom side is a manufacturer’s tag sewn.

Jeep Pennant

Blue square made of two strips of Putties sewn together. There is a red cross sewn to the square from edge to edge. Bottom below the cross are the numerals “48”. On the right side are three sets of ribbons sewn to the edge at the top, middle and bottom.

48th Ration Bag

Canvas bag with a rope to close the top. Lettering in blue ink and there is a marking WT in a diamond at the lower bottom.