silk patch with tassels in Davidson Tartan Pattern patch 16″ long,triangular-2″ at tassel at bottom, point on end pin bisecting patch; for attaching on shirt or jacket pin printed “48th Highlanders” silk patch worn at Vimy Pilgrimage 1936

Capt A. R. (Archie) McGregor – kia 2nd Ypres – 24 April 1915

Captain McGregor of No. 1 Company, 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) was killed by the first Chlorine attack of the war while defending the trenches with his company. When the day was over, there remained in the battalion 3 officers out of 27 and 316 Other Ranks out of 953. The rest were killed, wounded, missing […]

Trews (Pants)

Pair of Davidson Tartan pants (green, blue, red). Pant legs have a cuff. Two interior side pockets with a verticle slit opening. Back pocket is also interior horizontal sequred with a button. Pants are high back an trailor with six buttons for suspenders. Large 6 button front openning with a fly cover.