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What can be seen by the public

Items (and soldiers) can be marked as “Private”. To do this either:

  • Use ‘Quick Edit,’ click the ‘Private’ check box then click ‘Update’ or
  • Open the ‘Edit item’ screen and, in the ‘Publish’ meta box on the right side of the screen, click ‘Edit’ beside ‘Visibility’ and click the “Private’ radio button. Then be sure to click ‘Update.’

Items with a status of De-accessioned are not visible to the public even if they are not marked ‘Private.’

Visitors to this site (people who are NOT logged in) can see the “Featured artifacts” page and they can search for and find all artifacts and soldiers that have not been marked “Private.”

Note that items marked ‘Private’ WILL be found by the searches that are accessible by museum staff.

See Collection access for guidance on what should be made visible to the public.

This knowledge base is NOT visible to visitors who are not logged in.


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