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Statement of Purpose

The Research Collection of the 48th Highlanders Museum was created under the Collections Management Policy to fulfil the objectives of the museum Mission Policy.  In particular:

  • To house and conserve the records of the 48th Highlanders of Canada.
  • To provide a research facility to further communicate the history of the Regiment.
  • To provide former members or their family with data regarding their service in the Regiment.

Research Collection

The Research Collection consists of the Regiment’s records, photographs, magazines, pamphlets and other documents that make up the written record of the Regiment.  The research collection exists for the use of furthering research pursuits and is not meant for permanent exhibit.  The research collection does not exist for the use of public educational programs.

The Research Collection is made up of the following elements: an archive, library, and collections of research files.


The archive consists of the regiment’s records and the records of its members that pertain to their involvement in the regiment that have a known provenance.  The purpose for the archive is to acquire, preserve and make available for use records of enduring value.  The archive also consists of the special collection.

Special collection

The special collection was created due to the large body of material that existed in the museum collection prior to formal accessioning procedures were introduced.  The special collections are divided into 3 elements photos, negatives, and pamphlet collections.

Photo collection

The photo collection is made up of all images in the 48th Highlanders collection including photoprints, drawings, and all other images framed or unframed.  Photos may be used for exhibits but where possible reproductions and duplicated images are to be used for conservation of the original.

Negatives collection

The negatives collection is made up off all film based images including photographic negatives, slides, magic lantern glass, and motion pictures. As technology advanced the negatives collection has expanded to include digital images and videos.

Pamphlet collection

The pamphlet collection is made up of all paper ephemera; letters, cards, invitations, programs, and currency that relate to the 48th Highlanders.

Library collection

The library collection is made up of published works that support research on the Regiment and help put the 48th Highlander’s history or artefacts into context.  This collection includes military publications that deal with procedures and skills.

Research files

The research files consists of information that has been brought together to further support the other collections of the museum including reproductions from other sources, information that is not original.  The collection consists of two collections.  The first, the research files are made up of research collected by museum staff and supporters.  The other collection, the newsclipping collection, consists of articles clipped or scanned from magazines and newspapers that relate to the regiment.

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