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Editing a soldier

Who can edit a soldier?

Contributors and above can edit any Soldier.

Locate and edit the soldier

Navigate to the ‘back end’ of the web site. (See Web site navigation.)

Click the “Soldiers” menu item on the left of the Dashboard page then click “All soldiers.”

Find the Soldier you want to edit using the search field in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the last name of the soldier then click the “Search Soldiers” button.

Be absolutely sure that you are editing the correct soldier. See Adding a soldier for guidance.

When you find the soldier you want to edit, click the name of the soldier in the list. You can also hover your mouse over the name of the soldier and select the appropriate action that will appear below the soldiers name. To edit a soldier, select “Edit.”

Field completion

See Adding a soldier for instructions relating to each field.

IMPORTANT: When you have completed your changes, be sure to click the Update button in the upper right portion of the screen.

Handling duplicate soldier entries

If you find that there are two or more records for the same soldier in the database, then proceed as follows:

  • Determine which record we need to keep. Generally we will retain the “oldest.” In other words, if the soldier served in both WW 1 and WW2, we will keep the WW 1 record.
  • Transfer all the content and images to the record we are going to keep. It is not necessary to upload ANY of the images that will moved to the new record. The images are already in the media library so all you have to do is attach them to the record we are going to keep.
  • Do not delete any data or images from the record we are going to delete.
  • Since only Administrators and Editors can delete soldier records, change the publication status of the record we are going to delete to Draft. In the “Publish” box (in the upper right corner of the DESKTOP edit screen), click the word “Edit” beside the Status. Change the Publication status to Draft and then click OK. Click the Save Draft button.
  • Advise an Administrator of the need to delete the duplicate.

Finishing up

WAIT! You aren’t finished!  When you edit an soldier record that has already been “Published”, the Museum Manager will be notified that you have made changes. If you have made any substantive changes to the item, then it would also be helpful if you provided a brief summary of the change(s) you made in the Notes field. If you have not made any substantive changes (e.g. you just corrected a typo or a spelling mistake or you improved the formatting of the text), there is no need to enter any notes.

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