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Collection care

One of the primary functions of the 48th Highlanders Museum is to preserve the collection under its care.  The museum’s collection will be protected and cared for through the following means:

  1. The management and monitoring of the museum space in the view of stabilizing levels of relative humidity, temperature, light and ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Where the larger environment is impossible to control efforts will be made to stabilize smaller exhibit and storage spaces.
  3. The maintenance of a clean dust-free museum space.
  4. Materials used in exhibiting and storing artefacts will be chosen that are inert and neutral.
  5. Flash photography is not permitted within the museum due to the strain this places on light sensitive artefacts.
  6. Objects in the collection will be monitored for signs of deterioration.

Within reason, standards set by the Canadian Conservation Institute will be followed in the care of the collection. Only procedures that are reversible in nature will be undertaken by members of the museum.  The full documentation of these actions will be made in the museum database.

The museum management will continue to educate museum staff in the care of the collection.

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