Guide to Army ranks

ENTER THIS RANK FULL NAME ALSO INCLUDES REMARKS Pte Private Cfsmn/Ppr/Dmr LCpl Lance-Corporal N/A Cpl Corporal LSgt Lance Sergeant Sgt Sergeant Sjt WO Warrant Officer SSgt/CSgt/Sgt Instr WO3 Warrant Officer Class 3 PSM Old rank.  Will only be found in 1940 entries of 1st Bn 48 HIGHRS. MWO Master Warrant Officer WO2 CWO Chief Warrant […]

Editing a soldier

Who can edit a soldier? Contributors and above can edit any Soldier. Locate and edit the soldier Navigate to the ‘back end’ of the web site. (See Web site navigation.) Click the “Soldiers” menu item on the left of the Dashboard page then click “All soldiers.” Find the Soldier you want to edit using the […]

Adding a soldier

Overview The “soldier” database currently emphasizes all those who served in combat. We are adding over time all those who have served in the Regiment. Who can add ‘soldiers’? Only users with Contributor status  or higher can add a new ‘soldier’ record to the system. However, until the record is “published,” visitors who are not […]

Replacing an image

Background Each time you upload an image to the database, that image is stored in the “Media library”. So if you want to replace an image that is attached to an Item or a Soldier, the replacement image will NOT overwrite the original image even if the image file names are the same. Instead a […]

Adding Images

Overview Types of images This topic deals with both photographic images and videos but this topic refers to both as “images.” PDF files are documents – not images. Only image files with the following file name extensions can be uploaded to the web site: jpeg, gif, png, and jpg. Attaching images to Items or Soldiers […]