Verification process

Introduction From time to time, management may want to ensure that: An item is, in fact, in the location it is supposed to be, The item is properly marked, The information recorded in the database is accurate, and The condition of the item is such that no repair or restoration is required. Procedure Any staff […]

Collection care

One of the primary functions of the 48th Highlanders Museum is to preserve the collection under its care.  The museum’s collection will be protected and cared for through the following means: The management and monitoring of the museum space in the view of stabilizing levels of relative humidity, temperature, light and ultraviolet radiation. Where the […]

Editing an ‘item’

Who can edit an item? Contributors and above can edit any Item. Field completion See Adding an item for instructions relating to each field. IMPORTANT: To change an existing classification or location code, you must first completely delete the existing code(s). Locate and edit the item There are two ways to locate the item you want to […]