Processing donations

Policy Determine if the items being offered are 48th related or were generic items used by the 48th such as uniforms. If not do not proceed any further and suggest other museums might be better suited. Procedure If the items are 48th related then fill out a Gift Agreement with the donor. Ensure you get […]

Incoming loans

Policy The purpose of a loan is to enhance the mission of the museum.  This applies equally to incoming loans as to outgoing loans.  The collection management committee has the sole authority to recommend that the museum lend or borrow objects.  This shall not be done without a properly executed loan form. Permanent loans or loans […]

New artifact registration process

Introduction The purpose of registration of the museum objects is: To establish the Trusts’ right to the object. To preserve any association with historic events, places, or persons that an object may have. To promote the preservation of the object itself. To aid in the interpretation of the object. To allow the museum to identify […]

Adding an ‘item’ (artifact)

Acquisition policy See New artifact registration process What is an ‘item’? An artifact is an object made by a human being. Artifacts include art, tools, and clothing made by people of any time and place. On this web site an ‘item’ is a record of all of the information pertaining to an artifact. Each item can have one or […]

Accession numbers

What are accession numbers? All artifacts in the museum are assigned a UNIQUE “accession number.” The ten digit accession number is made up of three parts: The year the item was added to the inventory. (Four digits) The accession sequence (Three digits.) This number represents one or more related items that are being added to […]