Condition codes

Condition codes allow you to ‘flag’ items for repair or restoration, to indicate that damage has already been observed and recorded, etc. Not specified Use this code when adding items to the database and the condition have not yet been evaluated. Excellent Good Fair Poor Out for repair Use this to indicate that the item […]

Item status

Normal When an item is being added to the system, it’s status should be ‘Normal.’ Verification required This status code implies the same status as ‘Normal.’ It means that, although an item has been entered, the item has been flagged for verification of some or all details. When an item is assigned to this status, […]

Maintaining taxonomies

Overview A taxonomy is the hierarchical classification of artifacts, documents, digital assets and other information. The following taxonomies have been created for ‘items’: Eras. Era codes represent the age range relative to the items in the collection and allow you to segregate the items to facilitate management and display of items. Locations. The system allows […]

Location codes

Overview The system allows you to specify in detail where each item is located. It does this by allowing you to specify a location code and optionally a “sub-location” code. There is also a field where you can add free form text. A location code can refer to a display case, room, building, wall, filing […]

Web site security

User roles Each registered user has been assigned a WordPress “role.” When a user registers, they are assigned the Subscriber role by default. When you sign in to this web site with a Subscriber (or more capable) role, you will be able to see the Admin bar at the top of your screen. Click on […]

What can be seen by the public

Items (and soldiers) can be marked as “Private”. To do this either: Use ‘Quick Edit,’ click the ‘Private’ check box then click ‘Update’ or Open the ‘Edit item’ screen and, in the ‘Publish’ meta box on the right side of the screen, click ‘Edit’ beside ‘Visibility’ and click the “Private’ radio button. Then be sure […]