Relationship links

Overview The system has the ability to link together objects what we call “items” and “soldiers.” So, when a user looks at the full details for a soldier, they will see a section listing all linked “artifacts.”  If they click on one of the listed artifacts, they will be taken to the page that provides […]

Replacing an image

Background Each time you upload an image to the database, that image is stored in the “Media library”. So if you want to replace an image that is attached to an Item or a Soldier, the replacement image will NOT overwrite the original image even if the image file names are the same. Instead a […]


Preamble The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for the manner in which staff members will maintain the Museum space.  Housekeeping for the most part is common sense but tends to be overlooked as an important museum priority.  A clean, tidy and orderly environment will aid in the preservation of artefacts and records.  […]

Research collection access policy

Preamble The purpose of this policy is to further illuminate the manner in which members of the Museum, the Regiment, former members, their family and the general public will be allowed access to the research collection of the 48th Highlanders Museum.  Access to other collections is covered under the collections management policy 4.0. Research Collection […]

Research collection

Statement of Purpose The Research Collection of the 48th Highlanders Museum was created under the Collections Management Policy to fulfil the objectives of the museum Mission Policy.  In particular: To house and conserve the records of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. To provide a research facility to further communicate the history of the Regiment. To provide […]

Collection access

The museum will give researchers with legitimate goals access to the exhibit collection.  For access to the Research Collection see Policy section 4.3.0.  The collection management committee or the curator will establish the qualifications and legitimate goals of the researcher.  Access may be limited to the objects to specified methods of examination and to certain […]

Web site navigation

Overview Visitors to the site who are logged in (Users) are able to see much more of the web site than general public visitors. When you first visit this site, you are able to see only the “front end” of the site. Once logged in, you will be able so see some or all of […]

Improving this knowledge base

Overview The site allows registered users to ‘comment’ on any of the articles in this help system and on any of the items (artifacts). It is very important that, whenever you see something that is incorrect or unclear, you provide management with this information and any suggestions you may have. Suggestions for improvements to this […]

Condition codes

Condition codes allow you to ‘flag’ items for repair or restoration, to indicate that damage has already been observed and recorded, etc. Not specified Use this code when adding items to the database and the condition have not yet been evaluated. Excellent Good Fair Poor Out for repair Use this to indicate that the item […]

Item status

Normal When an item is being added to the system, it’s status should be ‘Normal.’ Verification required This status code implies the same status as ‘Normal.’ It means that, although an item has been entered, the item has been flagged for verification of some or all details. When an item is assigned to this status, […]