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The site allows registered users to ‘comment’ on any of the articles in this help system and on any of the items (artifacts). It is very important that, whenever you see something that is incorrect or unclear, you provide management with this information and any suggestions you may have.

Suggestions for improvements to this web site are always welcome. You can submit such suggestions using the “Comment” field at the bottom of each Knowledge Base article.

Adding a comment

Type your comment in the text field at the bottom of each page. You can format your comment by highlighting some text then clicking one of the format buttons at the bottom of the box. You can add bulleted lists and links to other web pages (even those not part of this web site.)

Once you have finished entering your text, proceed as follows:

  1. If you want to be notified when someone responds to your comment, click on the “subscribe” button above the comment text area. Click on the green > button to the right to confirm your “subscription” to future comments on this topic.  (You can unsubscribe at any time.)
  2. Click the Post comment button. Research shows that you will notice most errors immediately after you press this button. Therefore you have 15 minutes to make any changes to your comment. To edit a comment that has already been posted, click or touch the text of your comment. The Manage comment button (a little cog wheel to the right and below the text) will appear. Click the Manage comment button  and then click edit. Make your changes and then press Save.

Note that your comment will appear on the web site immediately. There is an option available that would require all comments to be “approved” before they can appear on the web site.

Reply to comment or start new thread?

If there is already a comment on the current page, you can either:

  1. “Reply” to the existing comment or
  2. Start a new thread if your comment is not related to the existing comment(s).

Moderating comments

When a new comment is created, a notification e-mail is automatically sent to the management of the Museum to moderate the comment. The e-mail message enables the moderator to immediately:

  1. See the comment together with the related topic or post.
  2. Send an e-mail to the author of the comment.
  3. Approve the comment (if required.)
  4. Delete the content.

Most comments should result in an improvement to the topic or article in question. Therefore, once such changes have been made, two things should happen:

  1. The commenter should be advised that the topic or article has been changed and
  2. The comment should be deleted.

The Moderator must visit the Comments section of the web site from time to time to ensure obsolete comments have been deleted. (Dashboard > Comments.)




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