Casualty Book 48th Regiment Highlanders – 1892 – 1950s

Although called a Casualty Book, this book lists in order, alphabetically,  soldiers who enlisted in the 48th Highlanders from 1892 to 1950s and  when they were discharged. The book is indexed alphabetically by the last name of the recruits to the regiment. The sheets of paper have the following categories for each soldier: the service […]


silk patch with tassels in Davidson Tartan Pattern patch 16″ long,triangular-2″ at tassel at bottom,point on end pin bisecting patch; for attaching on shirt or jacket pin printed “48th Highlanders” silk patch worn at Vimy Pilgramage 1936

D Coy 48th 1941

“D” Company 48th Highlanders of Canada England October 1941 Soldiers in battledress and balmorals