Aleck Sinclair
Pte Aleck Sinclair - South Africa

Picture of Soldier in Marching Order South Africa – Private Aleck Sinclair

Pte Aleck Sinclair in full Marching Order. Aleck Sinclair, born 27 July 1892 served in 3 wars – South Africa, WWI and WWII.  His service was: 48th Highlanders 1899 – 1914; South Africa with RCRI 1899 – 1900; 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) 1914 – 1916 – wounded at Sanctuary Woods, 3 June 1916; WWII -Officer Commanding Bermuda Defense Forces. Total Service with the 48th Highlanders from 1900 to 1944. In 1963 he was made the Chieftain Clan Sinclair of Scotland. He passed away on 12 July 1969.

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South Africa
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Aleck Sinclair
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