RCA Tunic and Cap – Capt. F. W. Macdonald, MC

Two Items a.  Second War Royal Canadian Artillery Cap (exterior in brownish-green wool, bronze gilt RCA grenade insignia held in place by lugs and pin on the left side, two reinforced ventilation holes with black painted metal eyelets on the right side, leather reinforcing patch stitched in place behind the eyelets on the inside, strip of leather stitched in place around the circumference at the opening, interior lined in black cotton, maker stamped “Dorothea Hats Ltd TORONTO”, sized “7 1/8” and dated “1944” in the dome, 250 mm x 280 mm)

b. Second War Royal Canadian Artillery Tunic (fabricated from an olive green cotton, each shoulder strap with two pips and a brass Royal Canadian Artillery shoulder title, held in place by a small brass button bearing the Royal Canadian Artillery insignia, embroidered “Canada” shoulder flashes on the upper sleeve, the front with four pockets sewn in place, smaller ones on each breast with pleats and larger ones at the waist on both sides, each pocket with a fold over flap with a reinforced button hole and finished with a small brass button bearing the Royal Canadian Artillery insignia, the front with a vertical row of four large brass buttons bearing the Royal Canadian Artillery insignia on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left side, brass hooks sewn in place on either side at the waist to support a belt that has since been lost to time, cotton strap sewn in place at the neck to hank the tunic on a hook, measuring 420 mm across the shoulders x 830 mm in length overall); his Second War Haversack (fabricated from olive green canvas, with a leather panel stitched in place that entails both sides and the bottom, two reinforced button holes on the fold over weather flap and when connected to the brown plastic sewn in place on the front, guarantees a secure closure, underside of the flap inscribed “MACDONALD” in black ink. The inside with two pockets, olive green webbed belt attached at either end with metal loops, 290 mm x 330 mm, extensive wear and fraying of the leather, soiled)

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