Oil painting - Beaver on Pond

Oil Painting – Beaver on Pond

A framed oil painting of a beaver at  a pond in the autumn with maple leaves.

Artist : E. M. Makepeace 2014

The painting is 23″ x 19″ in a gold frame 27 1/2 ” x 23 1/2 ” and bears a brass plate with inscription:

“Presented to Col. John B. Newman by Father William Listor on behalf of St. Mark’s English Church in Florence for the 48th Highlander Trust, on the seventieth Anniversary of the liberation of Italy.”


The painting was given to Col. Newman at the placement of a plaque erected in the church to commemorate the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders who participated in the liberation of Italy as arranged by Mrs. Sandra Annovazzi, daughter of Capt. Phillip Froude Seagram, killed  on March 8, 1942 when bombs struck the crowded Cafe de Paris in London England.

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