Mess Dress - Regimental Sergeant Major

Mess Dress – Regimental Sergeant Major – 1923 – 1954

a) Scarlet Mess Kit Jacket with navy blue lapels and cuffs, open neck, 3 brass 48th buttons at bottom, gold braided cords on shoulders signifying Regimental Sergeant Major. Only Officers and the RSM were entitled to gold cords. White piping on edges of collar and cuffs. 2 brass buttons on each sleeve above cuff. Badge signifying Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1)  on lower section of right sleeve b) white dress shirt with wing collar and starched “dickie” front and pearl buttons in centre c) black bow tie d) Davidson Tartan vest with lapels and four brass buttons e) Davidson tartan kilt. The jacket pattern was worn from 1923 to 1954 then replaced by a jacket with collar fastened at the neck and jacket open at the bottom front. The Regiment returned to this pattern in the early 2000s. On the left lapel are the miniatures of the Regimental Sergeant Major, WO1 Frederick Wigmore, MM, CD. Miniatures were worn on Mess dress with full size medals worn on all service uniform jackets.

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