Piper's Full Dress Uniform - 1932

Full Dress Review Order Uniform – Piper – 1932

Full Dress Review Order uniform of a piper in the 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums – 1932 pattern: a) Dark green doublet with gold falcon badges on collar; 3 brass buttons on cuffs, 8 down the front, 3 buttons on each Inverness flap both front and back, 2 buttons along the waist in the rear; white piping on collar, Inverness flaps and cuffs; shoulder wings with white ornate piping  b) Black baldric over the right shoulder and crossing the chest with silver 48th Highlander buckle badge, baldric buckle, holder and tip with 48 Highlanders engraved on lower edge c) black waist belt with silvered buckle with St Andrew’s cross in centre d) from the left shoulder, held in place by a silvered brooch is a belted plaid, once the upper portion of the ancient kilt – in Fingask tartan e) Kilt in Fingask Tartan.

Pipers have worn the Stewart of Fingask tartan for the kilt and plaid since 1913. Drummers wear the scarlet Full Dress tunic and Davidson tartan kilt of the regiment. The Fingask tartan was adopted after a visit to Fingask Castle in Scotland by Colonel John F. Michie, VD, who had been Honourary Colonel at the time. The Lord Lyon, King of Arms, in Edinburgh in response to a question from the Regiment stated: “the tartan was used in a cloak said to have been worn by Prince Charles Edward and left by him at Fingask Castle. This tartan should be called the Fingask, rather than the Stuart of Fingask”, correcting both its name and the spelling of Stuart.

Associated place
Fingask Castle, Scotland
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Associated name(s)
The Lord Lyon, King of Arms; HLCol John F. Michie, VD
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