2nd Bn RCR mounting an attack

Canadian Army, South Africa

A 7 inch (17.78 cm) by 8.5 inch (21.59 cm) of the 1st Canadian Contingent 2nd (Special Service) Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry

On the 13 October 1899 only a few days after the war in South Africa had begun the Militia Department began to organise a Canadian Contingent. Recruiting depots opened across the country. Though many applied, the numbers were restricted and only 20 members of the ‘were accepted in the Company being formed in Toronto. Lt Temple, an officer with the 48th, secured a place for himself and a section of troops in the London Company.

The 1st Contingent arrived in South Africa in late November and following a period of training joined the 19 Brigade on its advance into the Boer Republics. The Contingent played an important role in the Battle of Paardeberg. Advancing further north, the Canadians entered Pretoria (Boer republic’s capital) in June 1900. By the end of the year with their enlistment running out, the 1S Contingent was demobilized and returned to Canada.

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1891 – 1913 Early years
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Case 11/12 SA

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