Front and Officer's of Mess on Reverse

48th Officers Mess Dinner, 1949 March 4

– Menu

Mess Supper

48th. Highlanders of Canada

Officer’s Mess

Friday 4th. March 1949

Inside, Pipe Programme 1st. Set Company Marches 2nd. Set




Associated place
University Avenue Armouries, Toronto
Associated event
Dinner / 48th Officers
Associated name(s)
Lt. Col. R.C. Dickson
Maj. H.W.D. Kilgour
Maj. D.H.J. MacDonald
Maj. W.B. Reid
Capt. Abbot
Capt. Connolly
Capt. Corbett
Capt. Douglas
Capt. Featherson
Capt. Gillies
Capt. Haldenby
Capt. Hasler
Capt. Pincoe
Lt. Brooks
Lt. Cory
Lt. Craik
Lt. Cunningham
Lt. Howard
Lt. O’Brian
Lt. Ogden
Lt. Reid
2 Lt. Barclay
2 Lt. Chipman
2 Lt. Cooper
2 Lt. Cowan
2 Lt. Hill
2 Lt. McLeod
2 Lt. Murray
2 Lt. Sinclair
2 Lt. Ware
Capt. Smith A & T
Officer Cadet Boa
1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
Location of artifact
Case 49 Storage
Programs and menus, Event related


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