Braidwood, Piper David Forest – 15th Battalion

13611 Piper Braidwood, David Forest signed his Attestation papers in Valcartier, Quebec on 22 Sept 1914. On 15 Sept 1915 he was transferred to the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders), remaining with the 15th until 21 Sept 1918. Braidwood was transferred out to attend training to be an officer. He was appointed 2/Lt on 23 Nov […]

Colour Sergeant Fussell, John Henry

Enlisted in the 48th Highlanders of 26 September 1904 at the age of 27 being born in 1877. He received his Sergeant certificate in the fall of 1906. He resigned 26 September 1907. It appears that he was placed at that time in an auxiliary role (Civilian) as the next entry is “Aug 1/5/08” with […]

48 Highlanders “H” Company at Queens Own Rifles “H” Coy Mess Dinner 1895

A digital photograph of “H” Company of the 48th Highlanders of Canada enjoying the annual mess dinner with H Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles. It appears that the gentleman in the front row, second from the left, is Sergeant Major Alfred G. Robertson. That would explain the 48th Highlanders at a Queen’s Own Rifles […]

Pte McDonald, Duncan Alexander

A 6 inch by 8 inch photograph of Duncan Alexander McDonald in scarlet uniform joined the 48th in 1892 and was 243rd enlistee on 24 March 1892. Prior Military Experience 1884 Nile Expedition with Canadian Nile Contingent as one of 400 Canadian volunteers, skilled in river navigation Egypt Medal Khedive Star 1885 Northwest Rebellion in […]