Major RM Shaw (CAMC)

Medical Officer 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders of Canada) Dr. Shaw was born in Victoria Corner, New Brunswick. He obtained his BA at Dalhousie and his MD at McGill University before his education was interrupted by World War I. Canada, Appointed Captain in the Canadian Army Medical Corps (CAMC) April 14th. 1915, he served as Medical Officer (MO) of the 15th Battalion and was promoted […]

RSM (WO1) JR Cotterill

Sergeant Major 92nd Battalion (48th Highlanders) CEF Jocylyn Ross Cotterill was appointed Sergeant Major of the 92nd Battalion and attested to that unit on 28-Aug-15.    He arrived in the UK on the Empress of Britain on 29-May-16. He was returned to Canada for medical reasons on. 26-Jan-17 and medically discharged from active service.

RSM (WO1) Robert Grant Henderson

Sergeant Major 134th Battalion (48th Highlanders) 1916-1918 Robert Grant Henderson was an original 48th Highlander (#91). In 1916 he was appointed to be Sergeant-Major of the 134th Battalion (48th Highlanders) CEF and arrived in the UK on board the SS Scotian 19-Aug-16.   In Aug-1917 he returned on furlough to Canada and was released from […]

Sgt-Mjr Alexander Rose

Sergeant Major 48th Battalion/Regiment “Highlanders” 1896 – 1913 Sgt Alexander Rose was an original 48th Highlander.  He and his brother George were numbers 54 and 55 on the original roll.  On 24-May-1892 when the Regiment was presented its first stand of Colours by Governor General Lord Stanley  served in the Colour Party as one of […]

Sgt-Mjr JW Kirkness

Sergeant Major 48th Regiment “Highlanders” 1913-1919 James W Kirkness (No 357) was an original 48th Highlander serving in B Company. In 1913 he became the third Sergeant Major of the 48th Highlanders succeeding Sergeant Major Rose and remained Sgt Mjr of the Home Battalion from 1914 to 1919.

RSM (WO1) Thomas Cotton MM

Regimental Sergeant Major 48th Highlanders of Canada 1943-1948 Thomas Cotton joined the 48th Highlanders and was serving as a Sergeant in the Regiment in 1916 when he joined the 134th Battalion 48th Highlanders Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF).  He later was transferred to the 4th Battalion CEF and served with them. until the end of the […]

LCol IMR Sinclair, DSO OBE MC VD

Commanding Officer 48th Highlanders of Canada 1930-1932 Commanding Officer 13th Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada) Commanding Officer 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Jamaica 1941-42) Born in Toronto on 16 June 1891, Sinclair was a student at the University of Toronto and member of the Queen’s Own Rifles. After the outbreak of the […]