Miniatures of Pipe Major (Sgt) Alexander Keith

Six miniature medals: a) Territorial Forces Efficiency Medal, b) Queen’s South Africa Medal – 1900 with bars – Laing’s Nek, Transvaal, Orange Free State, Cape Colony, South Africa 1901, d) King’s South Africa Medal – 1902; e) 1914 – 1915 Star, 1918, f) British War Medal 1918, g) Victory Medal, 1919. Born in 1879 in […]

Dispersal Certificate – Pte Hughes, Calvin – 134th Battalion

Dispersal Certificate dated 10 Mar 1919 for 800114 Pte Calvin Hughes to be carried while travelling to his home town as part of the discharge process. Issued by Militia District 2 at Kinmel Park Camp. Hughes had enlisted in the 134th Battalion in 1915, was transferred in England to the 4th Battalion in France and […]

Gas Mask Small Box Respirator – WWI (Broken)

A 7 inch by 8 inch gas mask with a hose and canister attachment, the canister attachment of this mask is rusted and broken off. The device had larger eye-pieces and a ‘small box’ filter of active charcoal. As it was worn on the chest, it saved precious time during attacks. It offered five hours of complete […]

Shell Dressing Kit – 1915

A 3.5 inch by 6 inch wax olive canvas shell dressing kit with printed instructions on wound care. Vernon & Co shell dressing kits were standard issue for many militaries around the world up until approximately 1995 for their low cost, effective use and small size.

Shell Shrapnel

Fragment from a large calibre artillery shell recovered near Puit 14 captured by the 15th Battalion during the assault on Hill 70 at Bois Hugo 15 August 1917.