Lieutenant CE “Beaver” Read MC – The Lucky Tie

“Beaver Read and the “War Luck Tie” This tie was worn by Lieutenant Chas. E. (Beaver) Read MC of the 15th Battalion 48th Highlanders of Canada in October 1918 in the Regiment’s last major action of World War I in which Highlanders were killed or wounded. In the vicinity of Waller Wood a machine gun […]

RMC jacket – Capt. F. W. Macdonald

A Royal Military College of Canada Jacket (fabricated from red wool, with three pockets on the front, one on the left breast with an embroidered Royal Military College of Canada insignia sewn in place, with larger pockets on either side at the waist, front with a vertical row of three small brass buttons bearing the […]

RCA Tunic and Cap – Capt. F. W. Macdonald, MC

Two Items a.  Second War Royal Canadian Artillery Cap (exterior in brownish-green wool, bronze gilt RCA grenade insignia held in place by lugs and pin on the left side, two reinforced ventilation holes with black painted metal eyelets on the right side, leather reinforcing patch stitched in place behind the eyelets on the inside, strip […]

Pte Mitchell Oke – 48th Highlander Cap Badge

Mitchell Oke’s cap badge, buckle design with broach pin. Pte Mitchell Oke , Wishe Khahientahaha, was a Mohawk of Handenosaunee Turtle Clan in Cornwall Ontario and lived on the Akwesasne Mohawk Native Reservation.  He enlisted in the 253rd Infantry Battalion in April 1917 and sailed to Europe on the SS Olympia.  There he was transferred […]

Wartime Balmoral – Brown

A brown wartime balmoral often worn during active duty and carried in a pocket when wearing a helmet. This particular balmoral was owned by RSM Frank Jamieson.

Warrant Officer Second Class Super Fine Services Class 1921 -1940 Tunic with Sash

This 1921 – 1940 pattern tunic was worn by the other ranks of the 48th Highlanders, 1st Battalion, and the home battalion, during WWII for non-combat periods.  Shoulder straps were sewn on and fastened with brass buttons, with enough space for a brass regimental shoulder title. Rank insignia was sewn onto the upper tunic sleeves, […]

Sergeants 1921 Pattern Sporran

The sporran, a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress, is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocketless kilt. Made of leather or fur, the ornamentation of the sporran is chosen to complement the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, […]

Balmoral – 1914 – 15th Battalion

This pattern of balmoral was made in Canada from 1914 – 1916 until replaced by a British issue. The head band is hand knit and the balmoral is Fuzzy Wool. It carries the 48th Highlanders cap badge. The balmoral was issued to Pte William Richard Bell, later Lieutenant, most likely at Valcartier Quebec where the […]

Mess Dress – Regimental Sergeant Major – 1923 – 1954

a) Scarlet Mess Kit Jacket with navy blue lapels and cuffs, open neck, 3 brass 48th buttons at bottom, gold braided cords on shoulders signifying Regimental Sergeant Major. Only Officers and the RSM were entitled to gold cords. White piping on edges of collar and cuffs. 2 brass buttons on each sleeve above cuff. Badge […]

Full Dress Review Order Uniform – Piper – 1932

Full Dress Review Order uniform of a piper in the 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums – 1932 pattern: a) Dark green doublet with gold falcon badges on collar; 3 brass buttons on cuffs, 8 down the front, 3 buttons on each Inverness flap both front and back, 2 buttons along the waist in the rear; […]