List of WW1 48th Highlanders Prisoners of War

Single page, browned paper document with company name printed in top left: “MURRAY, MATHER & CO.   INVESTMENT BANKERS   TORONTO”, top right has printed: “STATISTICAL DEPARTMENT”, slightly below these and in the centre, likely printed from a typewriter, is written: “List of 48th HIGHLANDERS PRISONERS OF WAR”, below this title is printed: “15th Batt.” (meaning 15th […]

2021800539 Box of 15th Battalion and 1st Bn Service Records

box  2021800539  contains printouts of  Service Records from Library and Archives Canada.  Each soldier records are individually placed in a legal size file folder. Alston, James, Pte 27643;  Anderson, David Sherrit, Pte, 27299;  Acland, Peregrine Palmer, Capt.;  Bedford, Alfred Carl, Sgt Maj,27635;  Beck, Samuel, Sgt Maj, 1045217;  Armitage, John D, 28114;  Bell, William R, Lt. […]