Commanding Officer’s Jeep Flag

An 8.5 inch by 16 inch blue cotton flag with a red falcon. Carried by the Commanding Officer to indicate his whereabouts – whether at rest, on the move (flown from his jeep) or in action. Presented by Major Donald A. Banton

1st Division Uniform Patch Civilian Dress Pin

A 0.5 inch by 0.25 inch red and brass Civilian Dress lapel pin of the 1st Division uniform patch. This small brass pin was worn by 48th Highlanders  in WWI and WWII on their civilian suit lapel or sports jacket. The 1st Canadian Division wore a rectangular red cloth patch on the unform sleeve right […]

Safe Conduct Certificate for German soldiers

A 5.5 inch by 9 inch paper stating that the German soldier carrying this document wishes to surrender and will comply with a safe conduct behaviour. The certificate, in both German and English, is signed by General Dwight Eisenhower and issued or released/air-dropped by the Allied forces.

Wartime Currency – WWII

Various currencies that were given to soldiers as their pay for duty. Some have signatures of 48th Highlanders on them. Italy When soldiers would return after serving abroad, they would bring back their unused local currency, in part as a memento. Before Italy adopted the Euro, Italy used the Lire. UK During World War II, […]

Plaque Unveiled by Her Majesty at opening of Museum – 29 June 1997

Plaque placed on the ante room wall at the entrance to the 48th Highlanders Museum in St. Andrew’s Church. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II unveiled the plaque prior to a tour of the museum conducted by Major George Beal, CD, Chair of the museum. The visit by Her Majesty marked the 50th Anniversary of Her […]

Plaque commemorating 65th Anniversary of Liberation of Holland

Plaque commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. 48th Highlanders buckle badge cut from steel sheet and placed on black board. Bottom right corner, small plaque in steel, printed in black ink “Made and Designed by Dirk Singel  Piper of the 48th Highlanders of Holland – Apeldoorn.” The plaque was presented to the […]

Clock presented by Mrs. Cosby

A 11 inch by 10 inch by 5 inch black-brown stained wooden clock with marble set in the base and crown with a brass and mother of pearl clock face. Floral carvings decorate the face side of the clock. The clock was presented in 1899  to Pte J.J. Thompson, C Company of the 48th Highlanders […]

“Poppy Ceremony” funeral sash

Sash: Davidson tartan on front with 48th Highlanders cloth Buckle Badge in centre; red cloth backing; red tassels on ends. Multiple poppies affixed by pins. This sash is used by Old Comrades Association (OCA) and others at funerals of veterans. The sash is placed on coffin or altar then Highlanders in attendance come forward, salute […]

Presentation Paper Weight – Sgt. Lloyd Tucker, CD

Clear plastic paper weight with red background encasing a Diamond pattern Buckle Badge presented in recognition of Sgt Tucker’s service as President of the 48th Highlanders Pipes & Drums Association from 1976 to 1978.

Award from National War Finance Committee to E. W. Bickle

Plaque in brown metal to Edward William Bickle for his service on the National War Finance Committee – 1939 – 1945. On the reverse: “Presented to E.W. Bickle. In recognition of service to the National War Finance Committee. This plaque is struck from the metal obtained from Canadian Naval, Army and Air equipment in use […]