George Leo Cassaday B73600-Brass Door Knocker 48th Falcon

Large brass door knocker cast in the shape of the falcon emblem of the 48th Highlander Regiment. These were manufactured at the direction of the Regimental Senate and made available for sale to 48th Highlanders in the late 1960s.

1st Battalion Memorial plaque in Ortona, Italy: Battle Honour “Ortona”

This plaque commemorates the battle of Ortona 20-28 Dec 43 for which the 48th was awarded the battle honour “Ortona.” It was erected in Ortona’s Canadian Heroes Square on 24 December 2021. A bulletin, entitled Project Blue Puttees, describing the event, the committee members and donors was issued to the Regimental family early in 2022. […]

Commanding Officer’s Jeep Flag

An 8.5 inch by 16 inch blue cotton flag with a red falcon. Carried by the Commanding Officer to indicate his whereabouts – whether at rest, on the move (flown from his jeep) or in action. Presented by Major Donald A. Banton

1st Division Uniform Patch Civilian Dress Pin

A 0.5 inch by 0.25 inch red and brass Civilian Dress lapel pin of the 1st Division uniform patch. This small brass pin was worn by 48th Highlanders  in WWI and WWII on their civilian suit lapel or sports jacket. The 1st Canadian Division wore a rectangular red cloth patch on the unform sleeve right […]

Safe Conduct Certificate for German soldiers

A 5.5 inch by 9 inch paper stating that the German soldier carrying this document wishes to surrender and will comply with a safe conduct behaviour. The certificate, in both German and English, is signed by General Dwight Eisenhower and issued or released/air-dropped by the Allied forces.

Wartime Currency – WWII

Various currencies that were given to soldiers as their pay for duty. Some have signatures of 48th Highlanders on them. Italy When soldiers would return after serving abroad, they would bring back their unused local currency, in part as a memento. Before Italy adopted the Euro, Italy used the Lire. UK During World War II, […]