Rifle Case

Brown canvas rifle case, 51″ long. Tapering width: 9″ at widest, 4.75″ at narrowest. Leather edging on the top and bottom, only about a quarter of which is intact on the top, and half on the bottom. Leather piece stitched on back, about 7″ from top; likely the bottom part of a buckle, which is […]

Bayonet Practice Staff – WW1

Bayonet Practice Staff Wood pole 5 ft. long with a rope braided ring at one and and a rope braided protective cap at the other end. Practice ring is 4 inches in diameter. Ink stamp of 48th Highlanders on wood shaft

Identity Disc and Locket – Pte. W. Chapman

Held together on a small metal key ring are two identity discs of Pte. W. Chapman, one disc is a red circle and the other disc is a green octagonal shape, stamped on the front of both discs from top to bottom are the words: “B85414   PTE   CHAPMAN W.   PRES   CDN”, and the meaning of […]

Dirk of Pipe Major James Robb Fraser

Pipe-majors were 1st Class staff NCOs and their status allowed them to carry a dirk with knife and fork, although with silver fittings, not gilt like the officers.

Gordon Highlanders Canvas Khaki Tunic

The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordon & Camerons) In 1904 the 48th Highlanders became allied to the Gordon Highlanders. This alliance, first in the British Commonwealth, was proposed by General the Earl of Dundonald as a means of fostering new ties between Britain and the Colonies. The Gordon Highlanders were an old and renown Regiment raised in […]

Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) Capbadge

A 4 inch (10.16 cm) by 3 inch (7.62 cm) cap badge of the Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) Cap badge with the Regimental Motto “Cuidich’n Righ” in Scottish Gaelic translates to “Help the King” in modern English. From top to bottom the badge consists of the Royal Crown, a Scottish Thistle, Stags Head […]