Mitchell Oke – Bayonet and sheath – WW1

Ross Rifle Company bayonet with brown leather sheath- 1907 pattern Standard issue bayonet is missing the barrel ring as it was broken off or removed and used in farm work after Mitchell Oke was discharged.  Both bayonet and sheath are well worn. On the metal hilt is the number 7-09.  On the brown leather sheath […]

Dirk of Capt. and LCol Trumbull Warren – father and son

Dirk belonging to Captain Trumbull Warren and passed on to his son, LCol Trumbull Warren. The dirk, a Scottish knife, with a small fork and small knife inserted on the scabbard,  was part of a Highland officer’s dress uniform, and worn hanging from the waist belt on the right side. The dirk has a black […]

Helmet issued to the Carrier Platoon 1943

A standard issue metal helmet used by soldiers in the battle field. This design was used by the members of the Carrier platoon of Support Company of the 48th Highlanders. Unlike the standard Canadian and British issue helmet, which was shaped like an inverted soup bowl with a rim, this helmet lacks a rim, making […]

WWII Medic Arm Band

A 3.5 inch by 15 inch cotton arm band with brass snap closures. Stamped with the Canadian Army inside marked with “1944 Italy CSM”. In the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders during WWII the pipers and drummers of the Pipes Band were stretcher bearers and assigned to companies in battle.

2 inch mortar bomb carrier

An 8 inch by 20 inch mortar bomb carrier case. Made from waxed cardboard, wood, canvas straps and tin caps. A case made to carry six 2″ mortar shells. The handle on this artifact is broken but if intact could be used to carry the case much like a briefcase of today. There is a […]

Telephone Switch Board UC10 10Line Set 58 M768

The Switchboard U.C. 10 is a 10-line Second World War era switchboard used to terminate tactical phone lines. The switchboard (U.C. standing for ‘Universal Call’) was designed for local office use or at Divisional Signals level and were used throughout the war and as late as the 1980’s in cadet corps. The unit is housed […]

Water Purifying tablets

A 2.25 inch by 2.25 inch black and gold tin box of tablets used to contain Halazone. Halazone has been widely used to disinfect drinking water. Halazone tablets have been used to disinfect water for drinking, especially where treated tap water is not available. A typical dosage is 4 mg/L. Halazone tablets were commonly used […]

Military Issued Alertness Drugs

A 1.25 inch by 3.5 inch oval tin containing “Alertness Drugs” that are yellow in colour. Some pills are marked with an “O” others are marked with a line. Both are most likely amphetamine or methamphetamine. The “O” drugs were marked as such after Otto Friedrich Ranke known for introducing these drugs to the German […]

Compass carried by LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Compass in metal carried by LCol W.R. Marshall, DSO,  Commanding Officer 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders). LCol Marshall was killed in action by a sniper while traversing the forward trenches on 19 May 1916 at Ypres. The compass was engraved and given to Major George Hendrie by Mrs. Marshall. In the inside of the lid the […]

Standards for Colours – 1892 – 1925

These two wooden standards surmounted by a gilded crown and with gilt/corded “ropes” ending in tassels carried the first Stand of Colours (Sovereign, Regimental) from the date of  their presentation to the 48th Highlanders of their Colours by Lord Stanley in 1892.