Records of Padre H/Maj. A. Rapson records – WWII

notes and papers found in Padre Rapson’s communion set.  original copies. Included are: handwritten speech notes; Chaplain duties list; burial and KIA list of members of the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada

File cards inscribed with nicknames and signatures of TAC21 HQ staff

Six (6) file cards inscribed with nicknames and signatures of TAC 21 Headquarters Staff Members. The cards surround the Flag flown from Field Marshall Montgomery’s vehicle during the parade on 8 May 1945 celebrating Victory in Europe and the German’s unconditional surrender. Behind is the map of the route of TAC 21 Headquarters from England, […]

Private Augustus Reid – 193418

1) Discharge certificate – Private Augustus Reid – 193418 showing enlistment in the 92 Battalion (48th Highlanders) on 2nd September 1915 and service in the 15th Battalion. The Demobilization discharge is dated May 10 1919.; 2) Two 15 Bn identification tags of Pte. Reid, one brown octagonal, one red round, on original cord; 3) pin […]

WWII ID Disks Pte J.C. Probert

three disks held together with a ring; one is an octagon shaped the other two are circular all are stamped with the same information listed: B39270 Pte J.C. Probert C/E Cdn